Measure, Shape and Space


Key Objective: Estimate, measure  and compare lengths, masses and capacities, using standard units; suggest suitable units and equipment for such measurements.


  Can you fill it? - Capacity                     Scales


         Weight - Reading Scales                          Mostly Postie 


                           Dial Scales - How much does it weigh?

Key Objective: Read a simple scale to the nearest labelled division, including using a ruler to draw annd measure lines to the nearest cm 

    Harbour Measurements               How to use a ruler


        Measuring Lines in cm

2D and 3D Shape

Key Objective: Use the mathematical names for common 2-D and 3-D shapes; sort shapes and describe some of their features.


       Kangaroo Hop: 2D                       Shape Lab: 2D & 3D 

          2D Shapes

Position & Direction

Key Objective: Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement.


        Lulu - Left, right, up, down           Bike Route - Complete the route

 Virus Hunt - navigate to save the Island!