Number and the Number System

Key Objective: Count, read, write  and order whole numbers to at least 100; know what each digit represents

Place value

  Shoot Out

    Number Ordering - Shoot Out         Find the number - Target Number


                 Target Number                                 Number Jumbler

Patterns and number sequences

Key Objective: Describe and extend simple number sequences (including odd/even numbers, counting on or back in ones or tens from any two digit number. 


Number Sequence 3 levels                    Dinosaurs Eggs Odd & Even



                                 Odd and Even Fairies

Calculation - addition and Subtraction

Key Objective: Understand that subtraction is the inverse of addition; state the subtraction corresponding to a given addition and vice versa.



   Flurry Flavours - Adding 1 to 10          Loading the ship - Adding 1 to 10



  Subtraction Cafe - 1 to 10                     Subtraction Machine - 3 levels


 Pyramid Run - 3 levels

 Key Objective: Know by heart all addition and subtraction facts for each number to at least 10


           Submarine                                                  Up to 20 


           Addition Test                                  Number Bond Machine



                              Fire that cannon - Add to 10

Key Objective: Use knowledge that addition can be done in any order to do mental calculations more efficiently.


         Merc Move                                            Circus Climber


        Number Lines                                            Sums with Owl 


         Empty Number Line

Calculation - Multiplication and Division

Key Objective: Understand the operation of multiplication as repeated addition or as describing an array.


               Camel Game

Key Objective: Know and use halving as the inverse of doubling.


                  Sheep                                             Bridge the double

       Doubles and Halves

Key Objective: Know by heart facts for the 2 and 10 multiplication tables.


                Fishy - x2                                          Ghost Blaster -  x10

Problem Solving

Key Objective: Choose and use appropriate operations and efficient calculation strategies to solve problems, explaining how the problem was solved.


   Division - The Division Mine                 Subtraction -  Rabbits (2 levels)


 Number Patterns


      Put in the missing numbers