Key Objective: Recognise simple fractions that are several parts of a whole, and mixed numbers; recognise the equivalence of simple fractions. 


         Fraction Booster Activity                   Find Grampy 

   Make a Match - Equivalent         Ice Cream Shop - Mixed Numbers

        Show this Fraction                                 Name that Fraction 


    Quiz 1 - Number Nut                        Quiz 2 - Feed the Dolphins

Ordering and comparing numbers

Key Objective: Use symbols correctly, including less than (<), greater than (>), equals (=).


                Aligator Lunch                                          Genius Boxing


               Quiz 1 -Great or Less                      Quiz 2 - Make it True


Key Objective: Round any positive integer less than 1000 to the nearest 10 or 100 


      Post the Letters                                          Bingo


 Who want to be a Mathionaire?               Dart Board Game                       


    Quiz 1 - Rounding  IXL                              Quiz 2 -  Three Levels


                                Quiz 3 - Rounding Puzzles IXL


Number Patterns



           Got it - Make 23                            Place Value - Odd & Even 


         Guess the Number

Times Tables


    Cone Crazy -  3 levels                      Pirates - Select 1 to 10 fact family