Negative Number

Key Objective: order a given set of positive and negative integers.


     Video, Quizes & Game                    Quiz - Type in the right order

     Quiz - > or <                                    Challenge - adding or subtracting

Multiplication & Division

Long Multiplication

Key Objective: Carry out long multiplication of a two-digit by a two digit integer. 


          Written Multiplication                    Quiz - Long Multiplication 


     Quiz - Long Mulitplication                Long Multiplication explained



           Grid Explanation                              Grid Multiplication

Times tables


   Fish Shop - 3 levels                              Flying High - select 1 to  10


Key Objective: To use decimal notation for tenths and hundredths


        Fractions to decimals                         Decimal to fractions    


   Fractions Equivalent Decimals          Match Fractions and Decimals


        Tenths & Hundredths                       Fractions & Decimals



         - Design a Park -                    Matching Fractions/Percentages

Word Problems

To make decisions and use all four operations to solve simple word problems


            Maths Zone                             Function Machine - many levels


  Guess My Number (Many levels)            Make 100 as fast as you can!


          Grid Game - Challenge                    Random Questions


Number Patterns


 Button Beach Challenge (3 levels)      The 4 Digit Sequencer