Measure, Shape & Space


Key Objective: Use a protractor to measure acute and obtuse angles to the nearest degree.  


               Balloons                                          Sailing Challenge


                    Gorilla                                          Banana Hunt


                                      Quiz - What is the angle?


Key Objective: Read and plot co-ordinates in all four quadrants 


         Where is the food?                           Eight co-ordinates games


             Hunt for the worm                        Quiz - Skills Wise

Area & Perimeter

Key Objective: alculate the perimeter and area of simple compound shapes that can be split into rectangles.


    Make compound shape                   Calculate Compound Shape

             Quiz 1: IXL Area                             Quiz 2: IXL Area



                                    Pyramid Panic

Measurement Conversion:

Key Objective: I can convert length , weight and capacity. 


 Conversion Game -  Length                Quiz - Length, Weight & Capacity

 Convert -  length, mass and capacity

Key Objective: convert temperature - Degrees Celsius and Farenheit.





           2D Shapes Snap                              Bingo - 2D shapes