Division and Multiplication
Key Objective: รท and x by 10, 100 and 1 000 & Use decimal points


Function Wheel x10 and x100                Multiply by 10 and 100            


       Multilplication/Division                      Division/Multiplication by 10 


         Multiply by 10  and 100                                   Divide by 10 and 100


    Quiz 1 - x100 AAA                             Quiz 2 -  divide and multiply BBC 

Quiz 3 - decimals x 100       Quiz 4: divide             Quiz 5 - patterns

Key Objective: Carry out long multiplication of a three-digit by a two-digit integer


          Spot the Mistake                      


  Key Objective: Carry out short multiplication and division of numbers involving decimals.


Division & Multiplication Machine             Multiplication Grid



      Division - Whole Number 

Times Tables

Key Objective: Division Facts in Multiplication Tables up to 10 x 10 


            Maths Magician                                     Division Machine


                Table Tester                                     All Times Tables


        Edgemoor Tournament                         Quiz -  Test Them All!             

Addition and Subtraction

Key Objectives: Carry out column addition and subtraction of numbers involving decimals.


           Column Subtraction                            Column Addition
Objective: Order negative numbers
Guess the Number                             Ordering_Negative_Numbers 
-15 to - 5 & -1 to 1 & -10 to 10

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 


Key Objective:  find fractions of number or quantities e.g. 3/4 of 36

            Fraction Calculators                      Falling Numbers
Key Objective: Order a mixed set of numbers up to three decimal places


  Decimal Challenge - Guess               Decimal Switch 


 Estimate                                   Awards - 100 m, Long jump, Swimming
Working out the Percentage

Key Objective: Understand percentage as the number of parts in every 100, and find simple percentages of small whole-number quantities.


   Percentage explained                       Raw Numbers - Video


         Pie Chart - how much?                    Estimate the precentage


                                Discount in percentage


     Percentages of Money                         Scores as Percentages


                                      Quiz - 3 levels

Simplifying Fractions

Key Objective: Reduce a fraction to its simplest form by cancelling common factors.


         Equivalent fractions                              Comparison Shoot Out


     Simplest form & Equivalent                 Tony Fraction's Pizza



            Jelly Golf                                             Quiz 1:  3 levels

 Converting fractions to percentages and decimals

Problem Solving

Key Objective: Identify and use the appropriate operations (including combinations of operations) to solve word problems involving numbers and quantities, and explain methods and reasoning.

Addition and Subtraction Problems


            Addition Problems                        Subtraction Problems       


    Shopping - Money Problems             Quiz 1 - Addition & Subtraction


Multiplication and Division Problems


    Multiplication Problems                          Quiz 2 - Multiplication

Mixed Problems


                 Swimming Race                       Long Jump - Mental Maths        





Mental Mathematics Word Problems


   Quiz - Mental Maths 1                              Quiz - Mental Maths 2

     Game for 4 Players                         Quiz -  Test your



     Snakes & Ladders                             Codebreaker